Animals Aloud digs deep into why animals matter, and the incredible bonds between species. The stories are thoughtful and entertaining, and Deirdre Kennedy is a knowledgeable and insightful host. The quality is first-rate and always delightful.

Cameron Woo Publisher, The BARk Magazine

Animals Aloud is a radio show and podcast that explores our complex bond with the creatures in our homes and in the wild.

Every week, scientists, authors, and performers share amazing stories and little known facts with host Deirdre Kennedy.

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A Man, A Camera and His Golden Retrievers

You've probably seen Bruce Weber's iconic black and white images of chisled models and celebrities glossy magazines like W and Vanity Fair. But Weber has also made some gorgeous documentary films about his personal passions -- jazz musician Chet Baker, the people of Haiti, and his family of Golden Retrievers.

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Our NPR Stories...

Sea birds are disappearing from the Pacific Northwest flyway. Scientists are trying to figure out if it’s part of a natural cycle or a sign of something more ominous.
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Best of Animals Aloud

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Alaskan author Nick Jans investigates the grizzly bear mauling of filmmaker Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend Amy Hugenaard in his book The Grizzly Maze.

Tippi Hedren with a three-legged cheetah she rescued.

Actress Tippi Hedren has just adopted Michael Jackson’s pet tigers, Thriller and Sabu. We visit Tippi’s Shambala rescue where dozens of abandoned and abused wild cats have found sanctuary.

Patrick at Shambala.. a tiger-lion mix

Reporter Jude Fletcher tells us how she and her boyfriend shacked up with a pair of chickens… hey don’t call them poultry.

Philosopher and jazz musician David Rothenberg plays duets with wild birds and talks about his book “Why Birds Sing.”

Just because your dog has a huge suburban yard to run around in, doesn’t mean he’s happy. National Geographic's Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan says dogs “would rather hang out with a homeless guy” who gives the dog the adventure, exercise and new smells he craves.

Former writer for Roseanne and standup comic Betsy Salkind rips up our studio with her peculiar Animal imitations




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